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Strategic Planning

To successfully reach the Goals company needs a brilliant road map. Through strategic planning we map the path, find solution to problems and help reach goals.

We partner with our clients to define and achieve business objectives.  Years of experience of our entire team is drawn to create digital strategy. Our strategic approach helps to grow your brand and revenue.

Content Marketing Strategy

We have required experience and right experts to create relevant and engaging content that adds value for your customers.

It is be a game changer to establish successful digital footprint across SEO, PPC and Social landscape.

Our Process

The “Seppso Process” is a simple, but well thought, step by step approach to developing, prioritizing, validating and learning from well articulated digital business hypotheses.

We have designed our process in such a way that it can be easily understood, adopted and replicated by even the most complex, legacy organizations.

About Us


Who are we?

Traditional ad agencies were not nimble enough and not born from technology. We are a lean force of brand strategists, creative technologists, and digital marketing gurus.

Seppso is a full service digital agency located in Budapest, Hungary. We combine search, social and analytical talent that is among the best in the world. A place where ideas and execution come together.

We can provide a range of customized online marketing services based on analysis of your needs and by producing right mix of digital campaigns to give your company a competitive edge.

Our range of online marketing services allows you to get the most out of the ever-changing digital space; while also providing a holistic view to customer engagement.


Strategy Development
Content Creation
Conversion Optimization
Mobil App marketing
Web Analytics

The team

team 1

Norbert Lakatos - Director, Customer Service

My special force is to guide our clients with our team to success. My passion is to integrate functions & activities of Marketing, Sales, Services, Training & Support into a smooth workflow to meet the needs of our clients.
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Tamas Banki - B2B Social Media Consultant

I'm helping people, companies to use Linkedin highly efficient. I'm helping the businesses to have more leads & sales via online. I will optimize and manage your ads on Linkedin.
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Daxesh Patel - Director, Digital Marketing

Experienced Online Marketing leader managing small to large scale social media, paid, and organic search campaigns for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.
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Geza Kuti - Managing Director

Sociologist, computer scientist, research and social media expert, serial entrepreneur. Since 2000 engaged in online marketing for SMBs and Fortune500 Companies as well.
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Csaba Magyar - Social Media Manager

Managed number of high-traffic websites and their professional social media campaigns. Provide customized social media solutions, and social campaigns.


We are proud to have the following brands and companies contributed to our work and community communication. We’re passionate about everything digital.

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Curious about how we can help your brand? Let’s talk.

Curious about how we can help your brand? Let’s talk.

  • Address: Lendvay u. 24., 1062, Budapest Hungary
  • Telephone: +36 30 583 3348  and +36 30 600 8176
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